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Favorite family shot in such an incredible island!

Favorite family shot in such an incredible island!

In a former life I was a VP of Marketing for a major residential real estate firm in Atlanta.

Currently, I’m globetrotting with my family as my husband is a Vice Consul with the Foreign Service.

Our first post was Recife, PE, Brazil, and we arrived in August 2010.  Upon arrival, our daughter had just turned four and our superbaby son had just turned three months.

During the summer of 2013, our family of four moved to Guangzhou, China, for a two-year post.  Our daughter is eight and our son is four.

I do a little bit of social media consultation on the side, and try really hard to absorb the world around me and help my wonderful kids be the best they can be.

Ogle – an amorous, flirtatious, or impertinent glance or stare
Observation – an act or instance of noticing or perceiving

Disclaimer: This blog and all posts, comments and photos contained herein are not associated in any way the U.S. Department of State, the Department of Defense, or any other governmental agency.  This is a personal blog meant to express the personal opinions of the author.  The opinions, posts, comments and photos may not be the opinions or official position of the United States of America or any of its agencies or departments.

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25 thoughts on “About Ogles & Observations

  1. Carla @ I Run, You Run

    Just found your blog! I’m Brazilian, living in DC, and will be an FSO wife starting on January 3rd.

    We just spent our honeymoon in the Salinas resort, in Maragogi, 2 hours away from Recife, and loved the area! (I highly recommend it, if you haven’t been there already.)

    Though I have been to the northeast of Brazil many times, it was my first time in the Recife area. I’m just now reading your posts, and very curious to see how life in Brazil has been treating you so far (and how it’s like being an FSO wife living in your first post!).

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  3. tampopomasami

    Hi, my name is Masami. I lived in DC for about 11 years and moved to work in Recife in 2005. I found your blog just today when I was searching photo of Jasmin! I love the flower and tree and of course, Jasmin tea!!!!

    I fell in love with NE Brazilian hospitality and beautiful nature!

    Hope you and your family enjoy your time here…..

    thank you for positing/sharing beatiful photos!


  4. oglesandobservations

    That’s awesome that you were born in Rio. Our son was just three months old when we arrived here six months ago, so people tell us he is “more Brazilian” than anything. :) Where else was your father posted/and you lived? Thanks for reading and for commenting!

  5. Moira Gallaga

    I’ve just discovered your blog. It’s got some pretty good insights and entertaining stories about the life and experiences of families in the Foreign Service. Enjoy your posting!

  6. A little brazilian bird...

    My husband has just started the A-100 course at FSI, and I was wondering if you would be interested in answering some questions I had…

  7. Chelsea

    We’re getting ready to bid on our next tour, and Recife is at/near the top of our list. Could I email you– and your husband– some questions about your post?

  8. Phil

    Sure enjoy your blog. My wife and I (mostly “I”) are occasional Foreign Service wannabees and I used to live in Recife. So I naturally gravitate to that region. Love the stories and photos.

  9. Jennifer

    I’m so happy to have just found your blog. I adopted my daughter from Guangzhou in ’02 and we’ll enjoy following along as explore the area. I’m sure you’ll give us lots of ideas for places to go when we finally return!

  10. Barbara

    I came across your blog in my internet search of families living in Guangzhou. My family will be moving to Guangzhou over the summer as part of a corporate relocation. We currently live in Indiana. Do you mind sharing with me what relocation firm your family used and if everything went smoothly? (ok…maybe as smooth as can be expected.) :-)
    Thanks for sharing your adventures!

  11. admin

    Hi, thanks for reading! I hope you’re looking forward to your move to GZ. My husband works for the US gov’t so we used the internal resources there. I wish I could point you in the right direction! Surely your company has a good relationship with a local company. Good luck!

  12. Soyeon

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    We look forward to hearing from you! Have a good day!

  13. Lemara

    Hi there,
    Is there a direct email address I can contact you on? I’m currently looking for people to take part in research project all about Guangzhou and need an on the ground expert like yourself!
    Hope to hear back from you,

  14. Christine Fors

    Hello! My family and I are moving to Foshan in mid-July from Beijing. I am a teacher and single mother who adopted 3 children from China. This is our Bucket List trip to experience their birth culture!
    My younget daughter is very talented at Gymnastics and just finidhed the season here in Beijing with an AMAZING coach and team. I have had no luck locating Gymnastics
    lessons or a team in or near Foshan or Guangzhou until I found your Blog! Please share the name of the facility or team where your daughter took Gymnastics…..Thanks so much!

  15. admin

    Hi – I hope you are enjoying getting to know GZ! I sent you an email with the gymnastics info I have. Good luck!

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