A couple of days in Tokyo

On on our move back to the U.S. from Guangzhou, we spent almost a week in Japan. The last stop was in Tokyo – a place where we could have spent a lot more time! What a wonderful examples of experience efficiency, order, cleanliness, politeness, serenity, and moderness – the ultimate metropolis!


It’s a major fashion center and night-life hotspot in Tokyo – very similar to Times Square.  We couldn’t help ourselves but to drag the kids out after a long day to see the city lights at night.


Shibuya (similar to Times Square) at night! There are about 7 streets intersecting here and 70*700 people crossing!


Shibuya selfie!

shibuya at night

Shibuya at night! Look at all the people!

Smoking in Tokyo

Smokers have to stand inside a booth on the sidewalk to smoke.

Neighborhood sushi dinner


tokyo sushi restaurant

Our hotel in Shinagawa pointed us in the direction of a neighborhood sushi restaurant. We were treated to the master’s creations, prepared in front, on demand. We ordered by pointing, smiling, and hoping.  Our trust in the chef was rewarded….each bite was incredible!


Morijio, or a small pile of salt placed outside of many restaurant and hotel doors, is a tradition with roots in a Chinese legend.

Neighborhood sushi in Tokyo

While we were reveling in this uber-local experience, the other patrons in the restaurant were watching baseball!!

Tokyo Subway


The busy, quiet, organized, efficient, affordable, accessible, clean Tokyo subway system. It carries around 8 million passengers each day, and on this day, four extra expats. :)

tokyo subway station map

…with a somewhat intimidating station map.  290 stations and 13 lines!


Tokyo Skyline


View of the skyline from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building on a most beautiful day.


More Tokyo skyline photos. Love the three buildings!


Mt. Fuji in the distance on the Tokyo skyline.


Closer view of Mt. Fuji from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building.


Currently, I’m globetrotting with my family as my husband is a Vice Consul with the United States Foreign Service.

Our first post was Recife, PE, Brazil, and we arrived in August 2010. Upon arrival, our daughter had just turned four and our superbaby son had just turned three months.

During the summer of 2013, our family of four moved to Guangzhou, China, for a two-year post. Our daughter is seven and our son is three.

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  1. Karin

    Ha – I arrived in Guangzhou around the time you left. Have enjoyed checking out your blog this weekend and hope you are enjoying life post China.

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