Dali, China in Yunnan Province

Although Spring Break was over a month ago, our memories are fresh with the experiences we had. Husbands had to work, so I teamed up with my neighbor and best pal in GZ and off we went to explore north west China together.

Our first stop was in Dali (which means marble), and we landed in the middle of an inspiring blue sky, in a growing town with new identities popping up – while still clinging onto something special in its “old town”. And while it is touristy, it was a breath of fresh air for this city girl whose 9-story apartment building is the dwarf surrounded by towers all around in Guangzhou.

We stayed in a hotel/hostel called the Sleepyfish and enjoyed their garden, pets, western food, and laid back hospitality. We walked into town, got some food and souvenirs, then came home via electric bus and dodging the rain.

We had the opportunity to encounter some of the Bai minority – both in their village, in their homes-in-ruin, and in their daily lives – some still working while other older ones kept watch over the village during the day.

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Currently, I’m globetrotting with my family as my husband is a Vice Consul with the United States Foreign Service.

Our first post was Recife, PE, Brazil, and we arrived in August 2010. Upon arrival, our daughter had just turned four and our superbaby son had just turned three months.

During the summer of 2013, our family of four moved to Guangzhou, China, for a two-year post. Our daughter is seven and our son is three.

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