Camping in China Dali

While we were looking around for things to do in Yunnan Province, we came across an outfitter owned by an American called Rock Solid Adventures. After many back and forth communications,we booked an overnight camping adventure in the foothills of the Himalayn mountains.  I would totally recommend them! They were prepared, enthusiastic and patient with our group of four kids and two adults.

Our guide provided all the gear and a lot of the brawn to carry it up into the mountains. There were still sleeping bags and pads to carry, plus our own personal gear. Even the kids packed their things in!

I must say that camping and hiking in China on this trip helped me find a new appreciation for China. Not being raised in a city, I often find my day to day life vary unfamiliar to me. But finally, I was able to relax and enjoy the outdoors in in clean air, a slower pace, and just “be”.

dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_01 dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_02

It wasn’t too long before we were out of the village and into the mountains. We followed donkey trails for most of the way – several mines up here – looking for marble! Locals also come up here to harvest bamboo. Farther up you’ll find coffee and yaks!

dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_03 dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_04

Spring in Dali meant we got to see special things like fern fronds unfolding…..


The forests, and many of their edges, were bursting with wild red azaleas in bloom! It was glorious!

dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_11 dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_07


While our guides got camp set up (and made sure to keep some campfire wood dry), we explored. The gorge and its breakdown was a memorable natural playground for our hiking crew. Playing here was one of the highlights of the trip!dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_08 dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_09

Just before dinner time, the rain, which had been teasing us all day, arrived.  In spite of it all, we had a hot dinner, warm (albeit smokey) fire, and SMORES!  The kids loved it, rarely complained, and slept warm and dry in tents. It had helped that they were very tired from the big hike in!  Plus, we all got to sport our rain poncho gear – mine being styled in case I find myself riding a motorcyle in the rain. :)

dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_12 dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_13


The next day, we woke up and packed up camp, then headed out – but not the way we came in. Our guide wanted to take us out via the gorge – which meant hiking/bouldering down the gorge, and the route also included two rappels through waterfalls.  It was really fun and we were thankful for their experience on this trail!  This part of China is so beautiful! :)

dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_14 dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_15 dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_16

Finally we reached the regular path on the way out and the kids were full of stories, songs, and alive with fresh air and thrilled with being in nature. One of our kids was having a blast mimicking bird calls that he heard along the way.   I, too, was at enjoying being in nature and trying my hardest to soak it all in. Since it was the first blush of spring, I found myself lagging behind the group because of my distraction with the wild flowers.  The twinges of homesickness I felt were a surprise to me….oh to be in the woods in the early spring. dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_17



Here’s our brave group with Dali and tis lake in the background!


And the mountain we climbed in the background here (we climbed up to the tree line)dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_19


Our helpful, prepared, capable, patient and good humored guides!dali_china_camping_rock_solid_adventure_20

And Superboy, with a fresh camping scar on his chin, and his carefully picked bouquet that he began collecting at the top of the trail and didn’t finish until the end….



Currently, I’m globetrotting with my family as my husband is a Vice Consul with the United States Foreign Service.

Our first post was Recife, PE, Brazil, and we arrived in August 2010. Upon arrival, our daughter had just turned four and our superbaby son had just turned three months.

During the summer of 2013, our family of four moved to Guangzhou, China, for a two-year post. Our daughter is seven and our son is three.

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  1. Kathryn

    Love this! Dylan just did a report on the Himalayas for school. Enjoy seeing it from your perspective rather than what the internet shows. Love how you are experiencing everywhere you go to the fullest.

  2. admin Post author

    I bet finding out about the Himalayas was interesting! They certainly are impressive! Thanks for reading! :)

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