Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall in Guangzhou

Sun Yat Sen was the first president of the People’s Republic of China, back in the early 1900s.  He was also a doctor and hailed by many to be one of China’s greatest leaders.  There are multiple universities, hospitals and other places of honor for him all throughout China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

Today we visited the Memorial Hall here in Guangzhou.  It’s really a large auditorium with beautiful gardens on the grounds.  I’ve always wanted to see what was inside….and now I know!  I probably wouldn’t go back with my kids….not too much for them to do or see…unless, of course, you run into these three cutie patooties! :)

Chinese triplet boys playing on the grounds of Sun Yat Sen Memorial.

So cute to see these three barefoot brothers playing on the grounds.


The reclining dragon turned out to be a tree - one of many old growth banyan trees there. Some were more than 300 years old!

The reclining dragon turned out to be a tree – one of many old growth banyan trees there. Some were more than 300 years old!

Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall in Guangzhou

The incredible octagonal shaped memorial hall honors Sun Yat Sen, father of the Republic of China.


All the info about Sun Yat Sen inside was written in Chinese, with one exception – the sign for the Smith and Wesson gun….which, upon further inspection was actually a picture of said gun affixed to foam core.



Currently, I’m globetrotting with my family as my husband is a Vice Consul with the United States Foreign Service.

Our first post was Recife, PE, Brazil, and we arrived in August 2010. Upon arrival, our daughter had just turned four and our superbaby son had just turned three months.

During the summer of 2013, our family of four moved to Guangzhou, China, for a two-year post. Our daughter is seven and our son is three.

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    I know – me too! “If these trees could speak”. Thanks for reading – I hope you and your family are doing well!

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    Hi Yang, Thanks for the inquiry. I sent you an email with some info. Let me know if you need anything else for your post. Thanks for reading!

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